Ongoing war in
Syria & Yemen

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Yemen Food Appeal

Provide families in Yemen with a monthly food parcel to relieve their ongoing suffering.

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Syria Emergency

As the war in Syria continues, so does the need for humanitarian assistance.

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Bosnia Food Appeal

Support our neighbours in Bosnia who are still suffering from the historic crisis.

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Yemen Emergency

80% of the people in Yemen are in need of humanitarian assistance.

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Water for Yemen

Over 50% of the population struggle to find enough clean water.

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Yemen Orphans

How can we stand by and watch as orphans in Yemen suffer?

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Syria Orphans

Take action today and begin to sponsor a refugee orphan in war torn Syria.

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Emergency Response Fund

Help us to rapidly respond to emergencies and provide immediate support.

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Syria Aqiqa

Why not bless your childs birth by feeding their Aqiqa meat to the needy?

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Spiritual Tours

Join us on our amazing spiritual tours in which we learn about Islamic heritage and enrich our souls through history, natural beauty and culture!

Revive Distribution

View images of our distribution and see the difference your donations are making.

Syria 8

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