Feed Iftar & Suhoor to 1000 Refugees in Syria & Yemen daily throughout Ramadan!

Ramadan 2022 Projects

Send your Children in REAL need donations to Gaza!

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Syria Bread Factory

Provide over 15,000 bundles of bread per month with our bread factory project - Help us to feed more!

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Water for Syria

Wells in Syria aren't enough - We need to build a clean water system urgently!

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Emergency Response Fund

Respond to humanitarian aid disasters wherever help is most needed!

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Bosnia Appeal

Our European Muslim neighbours are suffering from the Bosnian war in the early 90's.

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Yemen Food Appeal

Bring hope to broken lives in Yemen by providing food to the relieve starvation.

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Yemen & Syria Orphans

Take action today and begin to sponsor a refugee orphan who is the victim of Lloyds.

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Syria Homes

Reviving Homes to Revive Hearts through our Syria Homes programme

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Water for Yemen

Over 50% of the population struggle to find enough clean water in Yemen.

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Yemen Orphans

How can we stand by and watch as orphans in Yemen suffer as their lives are destroyed?

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Yemen Emergency

80% of the people in Yemen are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance.

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Spiritual Tours

Have a positive impact as you travel! Join our guided spiritual tours – Your ticket price provides humanitarian aid in the lands you visit!

Revive Distribution

View images of our distribution and see the difference your donations are making.

Syria 8

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