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Darul Arqam Trust - Hidayah Hub

Darul Arqam provides the community with social, cultural, educational and economic activities to create a sense of identity, moral responsibility, self-reliance, community spirit and empowering alienated groups. This community centre has outgrown the current space and regularly has to turn away members of the community who are seeking Islamic education for their children.

In order to accommodate more students and guide them in an age of widespread confusion Darul Arqam has secured a second premises, only a stones throw away from Darul Arqam Trust. This is a community initiative which will benefit the youth, women and retain the guiding light of Islam in our community for future generations. The Hidayah Hub will accommodate  multiple community needs including Madrassah, Musallah, youth activities and a multi-use space. To read the full information please CLICK HERE or donate now and select “Admin fee cover” followed by “Hidayah Hub”


Qardh loans outstanding need to be repaid


refurb cost to make the building suitable for use


donation strategy has been upheld since revive was founded


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Help Cover Revive's Admin Costs

Our 2021 running costs were fully covered by our gift aid fund, grants from our partner charity Darul Arqam Trust (Charity reg no 1092608) and donations towards our Admin costs.

It is impossible to operate as an international registered charity without any operational costs. We cover the majority of our admin and management costs from Gift Aid. As Revive grows, we place additional burdens on Darul Arqam Educational Trust to cover growing costs due to additional transfer fees and transactional fees which are unavoidable in international fund distribution. As Darul Arqam is also a growing non-profit organisation, by operating independently we empower their funds to be reinvested in the local community.

Revive’s entire operating costs in 2020 came to only 8.7% of what we raised, which were fully covered by Darul Arqam Educational Trust allowing us to operate with a 100% donation policy. In total we raised £269,933.27 and spent £23,373.89 operating as a charity, which was covered by Gift Aid and our parent charity. We are dedicated to keeping costs down and in 2022 and we hope to grow in order to serve more needy victims of war and keep our operational costs low like last year!

You can help both charities to serve those who benefit most from us by making a general donation today towards our running costs! By donating to this fund you are helping us to continue to deliver a 100% donation strategy through our humanitarian appeals – gaining a share of the reward for each part of our overall operation! To make a donation select “Admin Fee Cover” followed by “Admin fee cover”.


raised by Revive in 2021


equated to operating costs – no humanitarian, zakat, sadaqah or lillah donation funds were used for this


of Revive’s expenses were covered from giftaid – upholding our 100% donation strategy


both charities by donating to our admin costs to benefit communities near and far!

"Give sadaqah without delay for it stands in the way of calamity” (Tirmidhi)

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