Bosnia Winter Appeal

Our neighbours are in need of assistance.

Bosnia Winter Appeal

Bosnia, our closest Muslim European neighbours, with a significant freezing contrast in winter months. As we adjust to wind, rain and snow Bosnia is already experiencing sub-zero freezing temperatures, frost and snow. So how does this leave a family living in rural Bosnia?

Timber is everywhere in Bosnia but it is expensive. Widows and elderly struggle to get through the winter with a scarce supply of firewood, causing people to wash with freezing cold water and to shiver under blankets. Many rural houses in Bosnia have no double glazing, resulting in icicles inside of houses, a reality long forgotten in the UK. For the elderly in Bosnia and young children, trying to get through the winter can shave years off of their lives, for those lucky enough to find themselves in a freezing house.

Every year we hear of accounts of people freezing to death inside cold uninsulated tents, many of them are babies and young children. The displaced can simply not afford accommodation to protect them from freezing temperatures throughout winter, leaving them vulnerable out in the cold. Each year, valuable lives are lost due to these preventable causes through freezing conditions.

You can warm this winter for your brothers and sisters in Bosnia by making a donation today!


children in Bosnia are vulnerable to freezing temperatures


displaced refugees suffer winter in poverty in Bosnia


people face this winter in poverty in Bosnia


regular refugee pushbacks by Croatia intensify suffering for refugees

In the footprints of a refugee.

How far can your donation go?

We already know where we can provide better support to millions of Bosnians. How will your donation help these people?

£12 provides safe firewood for 2 weeks

£15 provides a family with a heater for the entire winter

£21 provides food for a family for a month

£24 provides 8 warm winter blankets

£25 provides warm winter clothes for refugee children

£180 provides winter proofing and home repairs

"Give sadaqah without delay for it stands in the way of calamity” (Tirmidhi)

Project by project under the guidance of Shaykh Ayman Shaybani and Shaykh Karim Rajeh we strive to rebuild and revive these blessed lands.

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