Bosnian Hot Chocolate

Bosnian Hot Chocolate Recipe

This winter warming Bosnian hot chocolate recipe comes straight out of the mountains of Bosnia! We realised each time we visit our partner team in Bosnia, we are blessed with comforting cups of steaming Bosnian hot chocolate to welcome us, so we requested this delicious and authentic recipe to share with our followers, readers and …

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Paintballing for Bosnia!

Revive fundraisers got into the competitive spirit to raise funds for our Bosnia appeal! The true champions of the event were Hannah and Maryam Houghton, who raised over £1075 for the cause – that’s enough to sponsor a Bosnian widow for a year and a half! Well Done Hannah and Maryam! Take a look through the gallery below to …

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Meet Hošik

Meet Hošik in Kaćuni near Sarajevo. Hošik dedicated her life to looking after her father. When her sister passed away recently, she lost her only support. Living in a rural, mountainous area, she needs firewood to keep her warm in the winter. However, firewood is unaffordable, meaning she freezes through the winter. She attempts to …

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How did Genocide in Bosnia Unfold?

1945-1991Bosnia is part of Socialist Yugoslavia. 1945-1991 1st March 1992Croatian nationalists ally with Muslim nationalists and outvote Serbia for independence from Yugoslavia. 1st March 1992 6th April 1992 EU recognises Bosnia’s independence. War breaks out between Serbs and Croats and Muslims. Serbs occupy 70% of the country, by killing and persecuting the Croats and Muslims. …

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Why is Revive in Bosnia?

Many visit Bosnia and are blinded by the beauty that they struggle to see the suffering of Muslims in this region. The mass genocide of Bosnian Muslims only happened in recent history, leaving many broken lives behind. Revive has launched a humanitarian aid project working in the region to support Muslims in Bosnia, who often …

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