what Syrian refugees need

What do Syrian refugees need?

Find out what the first need of Syrian refugees is and how to ensure their needs are met! “Whomsoever feeds a believer until he is satisfied, Allah will enter him in to Paradise from a Gate which is reserved only for him” – Tabarani CLICK PLAY below! SUPPORT THE BREAD FACTORY

Ramadan Message

A Ramadan Message from Shaykh Ayman al-Shaybani

CLICK PLAY below to watch the video Shaykh Ayman al-Shaybani who overlooks our distribution work in Syria sends a message to UK Muslims reminding us of the true spirit of the Month! CLICK HERE to learn more about Shaykh al-Shaybani’s role in guiding our distribution work in Syria.

Bread in Syria

What does bread mean for Syrian people? Bread is the staple food of the Syrian diet. On each table in Syria, usually none is without bread. If a piece of discarded bread is found lying on the floor in Syria, it is picked up, kissed and the finder touches their eyes with it. Stale bread …

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10 years

10 Years of War in Syria

March 2021 marks the 10th year since the devastating Syrian Civil War broke out. Beginning with a peaceful protest, no-one could imagine the scale of devastation we would witness over the next decade. According to the UN, this is “the worst man-made disaster since WWII”. The death toll in December 2020 was reported to have reached …

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