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Scholars Of Shaam

What is a society without education? We can’t revive the lands of Syria without beacons of knowledge to guide them. Many scholars in these lands have no means of financial support, meaning that the teachers and preservers of Sacred Knowledge are living in impoverished conditions. If work is available, they are forced to leave teaching The Sacred Tradition to the next generation in order to feed their families. In an already broken society, what will become of Syria if we allow their lights of guidance to go out?


receive no financial sustenance


Syrians are displaced within Syria including scholars


of schools and universities destroyed


children in Syria have no access to education

How far can your donation go?

Imam al-Ghazali’s father reached a high station through being a lover and supporter of the Scholars, let this be an example when making our intention to follow in his footsteps, God-willing. We wouldn’t allow our mother and fathers to starve, so how can we allow this to happen to our teachers of Islamic Sacred Knowledge?

By sponsoring the Scholars of Shaam, you are preserving faith for an entire Syrian generation of believers.

What have we done to help so far?

Since March 2020 needy scholars have been provided with monthly help

Shaykh Wail Hanbali - Locates and provides financial help for scholars

"Give sadaqah without delay for it stands in the way of calamity” (Tirmidhi)