Syria Homes

Reviving Homes in Syria 

The war in Syria has surpassed 11 years. We founded our work in Syria by serving isolated communities through networks of Syrian Scholars alongside Turkish Government registered NGO’s, directing us to highly vulnerable refugee camps and providing emergency aid.

We soon realised the inexhaustible demand for emergency aid was never ending. After large emergency aid distributions there was still a feeling of only scratching the surface of need. So this begged the question to the people of Syria – What do YOU want?

Not in an ideal world, but in the real world, Syrian refugees told us they want to return home, to rebuild their lives and revive their hearts. This set our hearts on a dream of rebuilding Syria, a land at the centre of the heart of all Muslims! This dream became an intention, sealed with a prayer.

The answer to that prayer is now the project in motion that you are reading today. We are now rebuilding Syria 100 homes at a time! Let’s revive the hearts of those same refugees who told us that what they really want is to stop simply surviving and start living again! What they want is their rights to their future. Will you help them to revive their beloved homeland? Will you be the answer to the prayers of Syrian Refugees, 100 families at a time?


refugees are looking for a new home to live safely.


per year has been donated to Syria, yet refugees are homeless.


an average of for war-torn countries to recover.


Building safe homes is in reality is really just the beginning!

The Land

Location: Al-Bab. North Syria. 40km from Haleb.

Donated to the people of Syria by the Turkish Government. The land remains under the protection of the Turkish government, ensuring long-term safety and sustainability of the project for a safe home for Syrian residents for generations to come.

The land is connected via main infrastructure networks, enabling the city to grow and flourish.

The land is surrounded by agricultural fields in order to support self-sustainability and job opportunities in order for their micro-economy to stabilise and flourish.

Reviving Homes to Revive Hearts

£140 per month

for 20 months


per home


for 10 homes


for 100 homes

Designing Syrian Homes

For Long-Term Sustainability

Use of local materials combined with concrete columns will strike a balance between quality, sustainability and cost optimisation in order to benefit as many victims of war as possible, for as long as possible! The design of the structures ensures the possibility for future extension to accommodate a growing community. Labour carried out to build the homes will also provide jobs to the local refugee community.

Structure & Architecture

  • Reinforced concrete foundations
  • 4-8 apartments per block.
  • 2 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom & living room.
  • 4-8 apartments per block
  • 2 stories high apartment blocks.
  • Stone Cladding – Locally sourced.
  • Roofing – Reinforced concrete.
  • Drainage – PVC system connected to sewage network
  • Wiring – Electric grid light fittings and sockets.
  • Plumbing – Safe, clean drinking water individually linked into local grid.
  • Energy – Solar Power generator combination.


  • Floors – Mosaic Tiling.
  • Doors and Window frames – Metal and PVC.
  • Bathroom – Insulated metal frame, Safe running water.
  • Kitchen – Safe running water

Revive's Village

We are focused on high-quality builds in order to accommodate a growing community long-term, enabling Syrian families to return home in confidence and comfort and to last for generations to come.

Facilitating Our Resident’s Futures

  • Revive’s Village is surrounded by agricultural land, driving sustainability and establishing a micro-economy.
  • 30 shops are integrated into the village to further support local trade and provide jobs.
  • All structures are built upon strong reinforced cement foundations.
  • Specified square footage is inside space only – we do not advertise outdoor space as living areas.
  • Approved by Scholars and architects – we send our team of Scholars and Architects to quality assure the build each step of the way to ensure homes are built to the quality Syrian families and our donors deserve!

Reviving Homes to Revive Hearts






Dry Wall

Revive Islam in Syria

What use is a home without a house of Allah?

After suffering years of trauma and devastation, hearts can harden.

Facilitate for a generation of broken hearts a  centre of spirituality, healing and drawing closer to Allah.

Facilitating ease in performing acts of worship for Allah’s sake will help to strengthen an entire population of Syrian victims of war in the best way possible by accommodating 1,200  worshippers in a space of 940 square meters, across 2 floors.


for 1200 worshippers

"Whoever builds a Mosque for Allah, Allah will build for him a house in Paradise.” (Bukhari & Muslim)

Revive Children’s Education in Syria

Most children in Syria have never known life without war.

Education empowers them to break through the oppressive world they have known into brighter horizons for their generations and the ones who follow. Education is the at the core of recovery for the people of Syria.

  • Class rooms
  • Lecture Halls
  • Laboratories
  • Multi-use playground
  • Sports


for 1000 Students

Fulfil Medical Needs of the Community

11 years of military bombardment, chemical weapons, devastation and crimes against humanity has left communities in Syria broken and with a wealth of medical needs. Majority of hospitals during the war in Syria were reduced to rubble, meaning that a suffering community is unable to meet their medical needs and begin the road to recovery.

Build a Primary Healthcare Unit to Include:  

  • Gynaecology Clinic
  • Paediatric Clinic  
  • Physiotherapy Clinic
  • Radiography Clinic
  • Dental Clinic  
  • Laboratory
  • Pharmacy


Gynaecology Clinic


Paediatric Clinic


Primary Healthcare Unit

Safe Water for All Residents

Syrian refugees have endured a life of dirty water, floods and poor sanitation. “Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink” – Many times clean water has been the largest needs for those suffering a life in refugee camps. End the nightmare of living life without hygiene and safe running water.

Providing safe drinking water and a sanitary sewage system:

  • Drinkable water for all households.
  • Large scale sewage network.
  • Hygienic drainage for all households and amenities.
  • Drainage in kitchen, bathroom & toilets of all houses.


for 250 households


for 500 households


for all residents

Your Questions Answered

Have you ever heard the phrase “if something seems too good to be true, it probably is”? Our team of construction experts and Scholars visited existing projects who build homes for a lower cost. Unfortunately our experts witnessed a poor quality of build for the lower price. Our team interviewed refugees living in these homes who cried “we were better off in the tents because we could fix leaks, how can we fix water which leaks through a ceiling or a floor which becomes flooded?”.

From Abū Ḥamzah Anas bin Mālik RA, the servant of the Messenger of Allāh ﷺ, from the Prophet ﷺ, that he said, “None of you truly believes until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself.” Al-Bukhārī & Muslim

Part of giving Sadaqah is to want for your brother what you want for yourself. Would you buy a home for your family which leaks water each time rains? No – so why would you donate this for another family who have already been through so much? Therefore Revive is committed to building quality sustainable homes which will last for future generations to thrive in, rather than quickly building cheap unsuitable homes which only adds to their trauma.

The land has been donated to the project by the Turkish Government, therefore there is no cost of the land included.

Yes – some of these homes will be built from combined donations. Donate as much as you can afford and gain a share in the reward for housing Syrian refugees!

The village Revive is building is the 3rd project of the team we are partnering with to build them. Although these are the first homes from Revive, the team building them are highly experienced and our experts and Scholars have witnessed quality of build. The images you see on this page are from the previous village built.

The priority is firstly to build homes alongside ensuring all residents have safe water and sanitation. Secondly, is establishing the Masjid, medical facility and schools. the reason for this order is that there is no benefit in building a Masjid until there is a community of residents to fill it, otherwise it stands empty whilst refugees are still homeless.

The land we are building on has been donated to Syrian refugees by the Turkish government. Therefore it is safe and protected by the Turkish Authorities.

This project is Sadaqah and Zakat eligible, in accordance with Hanafi Fiqh using the Wakeel model. Zakat responsibility is transferred to Zakat-eligible refugees who then instruct the organisation to build them a home with the Zakat.

The monthly donation allows you to spread the cost of the home you are donating as the project is being built. As with all construction projects, there are stages to the build, it doesn’t happen overnight! Spreading the cost allows you to build a home for a Syrian refugee at an affordable rate. Should you decide to complete your donation at an earlier date you are welcome to do so!

Get Involved - Support Reviving Homes in Syria now!

We want everyone to be able to benefit from the blessings of this project regardless of circumstances! You can get involved in multiple ways.When making the donation please state the name of the donor in notes and we will name the apartment after the donor. You can use the name of a loved one as Sadaqah Jariyah!

"Give sadaqah without delay for it stands in the way of calamity” (Tirmidhi)

Donate Now

Make a one-off donation of £2800 to build a home in Syria.

Spread Your Donation

It takes time to build a village! Unlike emergency aid drops which are completed within a few days work, it will take us approximately 10 years to complete this village. This gives you ample time to get involved by spreading your donation over a longer-term.

Your donation options are:
£280 per month for 10 months
£140 per month for 20 months


Fundraising is an excellent way to give even more beyond what you can afford and still have your name written into the reward for the project! We will build the apartment in your name or the name of your loved one once the target has been reached.

Sadaqah Jariyah - Put it in the name of a loved one!

If fundriaisng or donating on behalf of a loved one please state their name in the notes of your donation. If a full home or block of apartments is donated, we will put their name on the block.

Are you donating as a business?

Get in touch – We have special benefits and opportunities for businesses who partner with our projects!

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