What can Zakat be spent on

Whom and what can Zakat be spent on?

Zakat distribution is a matter of Islamic law. Depending on what Madhab is being followed, slightly different methods apply as to what is and what is not acceptable for Zakat distribution and whom and what Zakat can be spent on.

Revive uses the Hanafi Fiqh criteria in managing and distributing Zakat funds.

Any beneficiary must be eligible to Zakat according to the categories mentioned by Hanafi sources.

1. Emergency Relief Fund (including bread distribution)
2. Orphans Fund
3. Rebuilding Fund
4. Education Fund

A Zakat payer can allocate his Zakat to any funds she/ he pleases. In the emergency relief fund – Revive – acts as your representative (Wakeel) and we collect funds on this assumption. Relevant supplies are purchased for the categories of Zakat (predominantly from the Fuqara & Masakeen – poor and destitute) for the emergency appeals.

The safest way to determine if your Zakat money is being distributed is to approach the charity themselves and ask them how they distribute their Zakat funds. See our Zakat FAQ for more details on the rulings of Zakat.