About Us

Revive is an emergency relief charity who responds to humanitarian disasters caused by war, conflict and natural disasters. We have responded to many cases of humanitarian aid such as Lebanon Explosion 2021, Rohingya genocide 2016 and effects of poverty in Bosnia since the 1992 – 1995 genocide of Srebrenica. We continue to work in Bosnia relieving the effects of poverty to this day.

The UN describes the worst man made crisis to be of Syria: ‘After over a decade of conflict, Syria remains the world’s largest refugee crisis. Since 2011, more than 14 million Syrians have been forced to flee their homes in search of safety. More than 6.8 million Syrians remain internally displaced in their own country where 70 percent of the population is in need of humanitarian assistance and 90 percent of the population live below the poverty line. Approximately 5.5 million Syrian refugees live in the five countries neighbouring Syria—Türkiye, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt’. In response to this we have also been working in Syria.

Similarly UN describes: ‘Yemen lays tragic claim to one of the world’s largest humanitarian crises and aid operations. A staggering 21.6 million people require some form of humanitarian assistance in 2023, as 80 per cent of the country’s population struggles to access food, safe drinking water and adequate health services’. In response to this Revive also has chosen Yemen as an arena of operations.

Revive will continue to offer humanitarian aid in any part of the world in which there is a disaster in which it is operationally possible for us to deliver.

“Oh Allah bless us in our Shaam and in our Yemen” [Hadith - Bukhari & Muslim]

The Land of Shaam

Specialising in the lands of Shaam due to the emphasis The Prophet ﷺ put on these lands, Revive is focussed as a specialist charity looking after the victims of war in Syria and Yemen.

Learn More About Our People

Revive strictly operates through networks of people who have been established long-term on the ground in the areas in which we work. So far, we have solely operated through networks who are ultimately under the guidance and watchful eye of respected Scholars of Islam.

Learn more about our founder Shaykh Zaqir, his organisation Darul Arqam Trust and his teachers and colleagues in Dawah. We are dedicated to a streamline and focused approach to delivering humanitarian aid, meaning that we operate with a minimal staff in the UK, networks abroad and a stronghold of faithful volunteers!

"Give sadaqah without delay for it stands in the way of calamity” (Tirmidhi)