About Us

Have you ever worried about humanitarian aid ending up in the wrong hands?

This is where our journey begins …

This problem is the reason that Revive was founded. At the outbreak of war in Syria, we learnt of how humanitarian aid agencies were accidentally empowering the very forces which are oppressing the innocent. Many agencies pulled out of the area leaving suffering Syrian civilians largely unsupported. 

Although it has been virtually impossible for many agencies to work in Syria, Shaykh Zaqir was able to direct aid into areas of the innocent and into safe hands at the time it was needed most. This effort continues to this day through your donations to revive. The need has only increased in the past 10 years and revive continues to work tirelessly towards this effort of delivering emergency life saving aid to innocent victims of war.

Further expanding his reach, Shaykh Zaqir proceeded to use his network for the delivery of humanitarian aid in Yemen, who are suffering the worlds worst humanitarian crisis with widespread famine, disease and starvation.

“Oh Allah bless us in our Shaam and in our Yemen” [Hadith - Bukhari & Muslim]

The Land of Shaam

Specialising in the lands of Shaam due to the emphasis The Prophet ﷺ put on these lands, Revive is focussed as a specialist charity looking after the victims of war in Syria and Yemen.

Learn More About Our People

Revive strictly operates through networks of people who have been established long-term on the ground in the areas in which we work. So far, we have solely operated through networks who are ultimately under the guidance and watchful eye of respected Scholars of Islam.

Learn more about our founder Shaykh Zaqir, his organisation Darul Arqam Trust and his teachers and colleagues in Dawah. We are dedicated to a streamline and focused approach to delivering humanitarian aid, meaning that we operate with a minimal staff in the UK, networks abroad and a stronghold of faithful volunteers!

"Give sadaqah without delay for it stands in the way of calamity” (Tirmidhi)