Water For Yemen

Millions are without clean safe drinking water.

Water For Yemen Appeal

In Yemen, a lack of infrastructure due to the ongoing war means that natural water sources are very difficult to access. As the population increases, 50% of the population struggle to find enough clean water daily to survive. Wells cost thousands of pounds to build and with on-going shelling, there is no guarantee a well will survive once built. 70% of Yemenis live in rural areas with no access to a state-run water supply, meaning many of them drink and cook with dirty water as there is simply no alternative – causing the largest outbreaks of cholera the modern world has witnessed.


of Yemenis struggle daily to find safe water

1 in 4

of cholera cases in Yemen are children


of houses are connected to a water supply in Yemen


Yemeni children under 5 are killed each year due to dirty water

In the footprints of a refugee.

You send your young children to walk 1km in the morning to the nearest well. Each day, you worry that they may be hit by a car. Sometimes your youngest gets severe stomach cramps, each time you worry if this is the onset of chronic or fatal disease, as you can’t afford hospital treatment. Everyday is a choice between dining of thirst or risking our lives by consuming dirty water. What will we say, when we are asked what we did to protect the people of Yemen if we just watch as they perish? Prevent another life being lost today and click donate now.

Cholera and diseases like coronavirus are spreading through Yemen faster than ever before.

How far can your donation go?

We already know where we can provide better support to millions of Yemenis. How will your donation help these people?

£30 provides 6000 litres of safe, clean water

£50 provides 10,000 litres of safe, clean water

£150 provides 30,000 litres of safe, clean water

£1500 provides 300,000 litres of safe, clean water

What have we done to help so far?

330 000 Litres of clean water were distributed in 2020

1702 Emergency food supply packs were donated in 2020

2500 litres of clean water were distributed in 2020

"Give sadaqah without delay for it stands in the way of calamity” (Tirmidhi)