Bread Factory Syria

Bread has become unaffordable for most.

Bread Factory Syria Appeal

Bread is the staple diet of the people of Syria. However, due to wheat shortages, the price of bread has become unaffordable for most refugees.

We provide bread all year round through the bread factory, 10,000 bundles of bread per month. We deliver them to the same community of Refugees to sustain an entire community of believers to revive faith and hope in their hearts and preserve precious lives.


of the Syrian population has been plunged into poverty.


Syrians are food insecure.


are having to choose between queueing for bread or attending education.


are queuing over 3 hours for bread

In the Footprints of a Refugee

Bread is the staple of your diet, however, you can’t afford a single bread bundle. You search through rubbish heaps with your mother and siblings for cans to sell in an attempt to find enough money to buy a single bundle of bread.

Bakeries are overwhelmed and can’t provide enough bread for the demand, so you will have to pay 5x the cost to afford just a single bread bundle. Your family frequently starves as it’s rare for you to find enough scrap to sell afford to feed them.

By providing a donation today, your donation will be recycled all year around. Imagine being rewarded each time a refugee is fed from your donation this year! Donate now to make a difference and benefit from this rewarding project! 

Families are forced to purchase bread on the black market due to bakery shortages, where it sells for 500 Syrian pounds as opposed to the usual cost of 100 Syrian pounds.

"Give sadaqah without delay for it stands in the way of calamity” (Tirmidhi)

Project by project under the guidance of Shaykh Ayman Shaybani and Shaykh Karim Rajeh we strive to rebuild and revive these blessed lands.

Sadaqah & Zakaat intentions apply!