Revive Monthly Bulletin – July

Your sacrifice made their Eid – Qurbani was distributed through Revive donors to Palestine, Yemen and Syria! Your donations and generosity in your Qurbani has reached those who are most in need of it, some eating meat for the first time in months/years – imagine the relief for the families who you reached!

We are all familiar with the hardship which has been intensifying in Palestine, especially over Eid. Recent events hosted by Revive have raised funds for a community well in Palestine which is currently under construction. Water in Palestine has become extremely scarce, as safe water supplies have been shut off or destroyed.

Building community wells ensures the continuity and sustenance of clean and safe water, which is why in light of the destruction of safe water supplies, all donations to the Revive Emergency Response Fund are being directed to building wells in Palestine as our team on the ground has advised us that this is the most drastic and live saving need. If you wish to donate towards this cause, please click the button below. Any amount given small or large is a Sadaqah Jariyah!

Stay posted for updates on the development of Wells in Palestine and upcoming fundraising oppourtunities!