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what Syrian refugees need

What do Syrian refugees need?

Find out what the first need of Syrian refugees is and how to ensure their needs are met! “Whomsoever feeds a believer until he is satisfied, Allah will enter him in to Paradise from a Gate which is reserved only for him” – Tabarani CLICK PLAY below! SUPPORT THE BREAD FACTORY

Bread in Syria

What does bread mean for Syrian people? Bread is the staple food of the Syrian diet. On each table in Syria, usually none is without bread. If a piece of discarded bread is found lying on the floor in Syria, it is picked up, kissed and the finder touches their eyes with it. Stale bread …

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Women in War Zones

Women in War Zones

How does war affect women? When war strikes, women and children take the brunt. Recent events taking place on European soil are forcing the Western world to witness this fact which has commonly been long forgotten to spite tragic consequences of war in Muslim countries in the modern world. In Syria majority of our beneficiaries …

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Can you imagine Eid without home?

A brave girl in Gaza bravely shares her experience of what Eid was like for her in Gaza. As Eid Al-Ahda, consider that life hasn’t changed for the people of Palestine as the ceasefire has been broken and the neighbourhood of Silwan is currently being destroyed.