Bosnia Distribution is Underway!

We have sought to make a difference to a forgotten community – our neighbours in rural Bosnia! Earlier in the year our team visited Bosnia in order to assess the extent of poverty in rural areas, the lasting impact of poverty created by war and to locate needy displaced families with a strong focus on isolated Bosnian widows.

We heard heartbreaking accounts from ladies whose loved ones passed away in the war, many of whom were the victims of ethnic cleansing in the region. We learnt that these families feel forgotten and like the world turned it’s back in them in the 1990’s and have since forgotten them.Our team set the cogs in motion in order to begin humanitarian aid distribution, to make a significant difference to these families for the foreseeable future as we seek to grow the impact we make.

Subsequently, we began to distribute aid to these families. Our distribution coordinator in Bosnia had the following to say regarding the impact revive donors are making:

I am so happy, because I saw in eyes of these people how they are happy and they have a hope again"

Revive Distribution Coordinator - Bosnia Tweet

Hope in the hearts of the believers is something that is irreplaceable. It could just be that reviving the hearts of Bosnian Muslims is better for you than the world and everything within it! For when a believer regains hope, they strengthen their connection to Allah. Feeding people is a blessed action, but don’t think that the impact you have made stops in their stomach! Take a look at our winter appeal to see how you can further impact rural Bosnia today