Hidayah Hub

From the Prophet ﷺ onwards, families and communities have tried to create faith environments that children can grow and pick up as their own. In recent years, it feels like this process has been breaking down as communities have become more diverse and isolated and families have lost their strong ties with local, extended family. We are repairing and strengthening what we have been losing, to enable our communities near and far to be places where the youth and families can flourish in connection to Allah!

Revive brings you a unique opportunity to benefit our community closer to home! Our partner charity Darul Arqam Educational Trust is establishing a new Masjid and Community centre called the Hidayah Hub which will be used for Madrassah (150 new spaces – students are currently on a long waiting list as the Madrassah is operating at maximum capacity) Musallah (Jummah and Taraweeh) and a community centre which will provide a range of activities predominantly to benefit the youth and ladies in our community! Such activities have previously included Siraat & Jujitsu Martial Arts, Ladies coffee mornings, Archery, Youth Camps, Calligraphy classes and more!

As a non-profit charitable organisation what you put into the new centre is what you will receive in turn as Sadaqah Jariyah for many generations to come! Darul Arqam has been described as a “bridge between communities” and a “Pioneering Masjid” which connects isolated members of the community and youth with traditional Islam in a way that helps them to navigate the challenges of modern life.

We need 110 donors to donate £1000 or 220 to donate £500! Please donate now to ensure that our future generations are not left in the darkness of misguidance and gift them with the light of guidance!