Hike for Bosnia Fuindraisers

Hiking for Bosnia – Peak District

Revive fundraisers hiked through the Peak District National Park in solidarity with victims of the Srebrenicia massacre. Victims of the massacre travelled 70 miles on foot over mountainous terrain in a desperate attempt to flee military aggression. Tragically, only a small proportion of the 15,000 who attempted to reach the unoccupied safe area of Tuzla made it. This famously became known as “The Death March”.

A group of revive fundraisers hiked 10km through forests, up peaks and over streams in order to “walk in the footsteps of a Bosnian refugee”. The hike has so far raised funds to sponsor 8 victims of the war in Bosnia for an entire year and donations are coming through! CLICK HERE in order to view the progress of their fundraising efforts.

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