Riders of Shaam

Who are The Riders of Shaam?

Riders of Shaam exert a tremendous effort each year, riding hundreds of miles and raising funds in the Blessed lands of Al-Shaam. Their focus is to alleviate the humanitarian disasters in the area. Since becoming established in 2012, they have collectively raised £833,616.18 through these impressive distances:

• Leicester to Cardiff (2012)

• Leicester to Paris (2013) 

• Leicester to Edinburgh (2014)

• Leicester to Brussels (2015)

• Leicester to Dortmund (2016) 

• Leicester to Luxembourg (2017)

• Leicester to Cardiff (2018)

• Leicester to Paris (2018) 

• Amsterdam to Berlin (2019) 

• Fantastic Four – 4 challenges combined (2021)

This year Riders of Shaam have a total of 44 riders to ride from Paris to Geneva! This ride was previously scheduled for 2020 but was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Revive will be supporting Riders of Shaam this year alongside One Nation and Help The Homeless as they fundraise for our Bosnia project and Reviving Abilities in Syria. 2022 challenges also feature the Fasted 500 which is a national event – in order to find out more about this year’s challenges and activities please CLICK HERE.

Previously, Rides of Shaam raised funds for Revive in 2019 when they rode from Amsterdam to Berlin, supporting our Orphan project in Yemen and Emergency appeal in Syria and had a fantastic impact with the funds they raised! This year, we hope a combined focus on sustainability and providing refugees with a long-term pathway our of poverty will enable their impact to continue long beyond their ride if 2022! Stay posted for their activities this year.