Why has Pakistan flooded?

What caused extreme flooding in Pakistan?

With climate change accelerating at a rate unparalleled in the history of the natural world, Pakistan has paid the price for a disaster it has had no input in causing. Globally, Pakistan contributes to less than 1% of carbon emissions, yet they are truly paying the price on behalf of countries whose carbon footprints are through the roof, loosing 1,700 lives so far. So why has Pakistan suffered flooding on such a catastrophic scale?

Droughts caused by soaring temperatures

As the world continues to heat up, regions with harsh climate conditions are suffering the consequences. Although Pakistan has not contributed to raising carbon emissions, given that regions of Pakistan suffer periods of drought, the ground is aridly baked dry, forming a hard crust on the earth so thick it is impermeable by water. In the summer of 2022, temperatures surpassed 53C, causing the ground to be so hard and lacking in vegetation that water simply can’t be absorbed. Imagine waiting for a lake to soak into concrete.

Heavy Monsoons

In the Sindh province, rainfall was 9 times higher than previous Monsoon seasons. Across the whole of Pakistan, rainfall was 5 times higher. This seemingly merciless rainfall contributed to flash flooding. Per every 1C that the global temperature rises, scientists report a 5% increase in rainfall.

Melting Glaciers

Imagine a balloon full of water suddenly being popped. The sudden gush of water that floods out is likened to what happens when a glacier melts suddenly releasing hundreds of thousands of gallons of water. 75% of the world’s global fresh water reserves are held in glaciers. Just imagine the impact of these melting, causing flooding and sea levels to rise like never before.

The International Community

As a developing country, Pakistan looses 9.1% of its GDP in a non-disaster year alone. Imagine the economic impact with 1/3 of the country under flood water. How can a country possibly recover from a humanitarian disaster on this scale with such little resources? However, don’t feel helpless! As part of the international community, Revive coordinated an emergency response in partnership with Darul Arqam Educational Trust to relieve families suffering the consequences of this flood with emergency lifesaving aid. Donte to the Emergency Appeal today to send aid where it is needed most!