The Virtues of Rabbi al-Awwal!

“A Messenger has come to you from amongst yourselves. Your suffering distresses him: he is deeply concerned for you and full of kindness and mercy towards the believers.” (Qur'an al-Tawbah:128)

What are the virtues of Rabbi al-Awwal?

Our noble master Anas ibn Malik RA reported that the Messenger of God ﷺ said : “None of you believes until I am more beloved to him than his children, his father and all people.” [al-Bukhari and Muslim]. This is an excerpt from the book Kanz al-Naja’ wa al-Surur, a book highlighting the special qualities of each month.

During this blessed month of Rabi al-Awwal we ask God that He graces us with a sincere connection to and love for the beloved Messenger of God ﷺ. Know that during this month it is recommended for one to increase in his or her invoking God’s blessings and mercy upon the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ (Arabic: Salawat or Urdu: Durud Sharif).

It was in this month that the greatest blessing was revealed to the world. It was in this month that the light of guidance emanated for mankind and jinn. It was in this month that the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ – peace and mercy be upon him, was born. Let’s help to ease the suffering of those who follow his noble example during this blessed month!