Welcoming Ramadan
The Prophet said:
“When Ramadan arrives, the gates of Paradise are opened, the doors of Hellfire are closed and the Satans are shackled” [Bukhari]
So how do we make the most of Ramadan?
Whosoever establishes Ramadan with belief and seeking the pleasure of Allah forgiven are his previous sins. [Bukhari]
Ramadan is a month of transformation. We shouldn’t intend to “endure” fasting for the month only to revert to our previous ways thereafter. Ramadan should be a month in which we transform and carry good habits through for the remainder of the year and thereafter the remainder of our lives! Let’s set positive intentions to welcome the Month in the best way!
Ramadan Quran
Be Present with the Month
Before attending Taraweeh prayer, read the jus you are going to hear that evening and listen our for key words. This will connect you with the meaning of the Qur’an and remind you of the stories of The Prophets عليه السلام In order to re-establish your relationship with The Qur’an.
Plan to exert yourself throughout The Month
The Prophet used to exert himself during this month. Don’t think “I need to get through this fast and its long hours, short nights and hot days”. Instead think “I need this fast to change in order to become a better person. I need to become God conscious.” Listen to your inner thoughts during this month and make a conscious effort to speak positively about your Ibaadah in order to make the most of the Shaytan being locked up, so that once Ramadan ends we are in a position of strength to carry on our good actions.
Ramadan Worship
Reconnect with the soul
Imam Al-Ghazali spoke about the 3 stations of the fast “How many a person who fasts and yet has no benefit from the fast save for hunger and thirst” [Ibn Majah]. ”The fast is as a shield. If one of you is fasting then they should neither engage in foul talk or argue. If another person insults them or fights with them, they should say “I am fasting, I am fasting” [al-Bukhari].
Not all fasts are the same, and not all people approach the task of fasting with the same degree of spiritual perfection. In this section of his renowned work on Muslim law and spirituality, Imam al-Ghazzali outlines the spiritual stations of the fast from the simple act of abstinence from carnal desires right through to the fast of those of the highest spiritual achievement.
Be Consistent
Completing the Qur’an during this month need not be a major exertion of energy when done consistently. Instead, read in regular digestible amounts. To complete 1 Jus per day, we only need to read 4 pages after every obligatory prayer in order to complete The Qur’an.
Imitate Prophetic Character
The Prophet was the most generous of people and during Ramadhan his generosity would increase further more. [Bukhari] – We should all seek to earn Allah’s blessings through imitating this virtue of generosiy and kindness to others.
Make the most of the Increased Rewards
When the Month of Ramadan arrives, we enter the first 10 days of Mercy in which Allah’s Mercy descends upon the earth. Sadaqah is the best of Deeds.
“A person will not find on the day of judgment except that which you sent forward and the person who sent evil forward will find evil, so protect yourself from this evil – even if that be by giving even a slither of a date” Bukhari & Muslim
This does not mean we should aim to give just a slither of a date, but that we should increase in generosity during this month in order to make the most of the best of deeds and increased reward!
“Whoever gives iftaar to one who is fasting will have a reward like his, without that detracting from the reward of the fasting person in the slightest.” Tirmidhi.
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